Oklahoma has been among the bottom in the nation when it comes to healthcare outcomes. Then came the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic which highlights the Republican leadership’s disastrous management, lack of planning, and refusal to properly respond to this virus.

In June 2020, Oklahoman’s successfully approved State Question 802 (Medicaid expansion). Now we must ensure proper implementation and keep the pressure on Governor Stitt and not allow him to outsource Medicaid expansion management to other states.

We must stop treating mental health care separately from general healthcare. Proper mental health care is just as important and should be regarded in the same way. It is time that Oklahoma properly invests in access to mental health providers and rehabilitation.

Denise will fight policies which would result in driving up rates for others and likely leading to the closure of health care facilities vital across Oklahoma. Denise will adamantly oppose any proposal that does not protect Oklahomans from rising healthcare costs, higher premiums, and out-of-pocket expenses while ensuring those with preexisting conditions cannot be denied coverage or charged more.

No woman should be denied coverage of services based on the religious beliefs of her employer.

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