Ensuring that Oklahoma has a healthy, sustainable economy is about recruiting, establishing, and supporting businesses, both large and small. Perception is reality when it comes to attracting new businesses and the families that come with them. We must take bold action to change people’s poor perception of Oklahoma; we can’t move forward and build a thriving economy until we do. We must facilitate more public-private partnerships. The Gathering Place in District 71 is a nationwide example of how these partnerships can be successful and beneficial to the communities around them.

Representative Brewer will continue her fight for a statewide living wage of $15 per hour for hourly workers, paid family leave, and an increase to the hourly rate of tipped workers. The simple reality is that a dollar does not go as far as it did 10, 20, or 30 years ago and it is far past time for us to increase the minimum wage. It’s simple: when people do well in Oklahoma, they stay in Oklahoma and fuel our economy.


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